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Xdom 8800 mah Mini DC UPS


R 589.00


The Xdom Mini DC UPS is perfect for anyone looking for a compact and lightweight solution to power their WiFi router and Fibre devices during power outages. Connect wireless routers, wireless access points and even charge devices such as your mobile phone or tablet via the USB port on the front. You can monitor the status of your battery with the status indicator on the front of the UPS. This is one of the few devices that can do 5V, 9v and 12V DC outputs all at the same time!

We went ahead and upgraded two features of the LAN ports on our Mini DC UPS. Both ports are now Gigabit Ethernet instead of Fast Ethernet, giving you 100 times the network performance. On the PoE port, you can now select 24v or 48v PoE output with a total power output of 17w using the selectable switch.

Don't let the likes of loadshedding disconnect you from your friends, family, series, movies, music, and so much more.

1 Year Warranty

Model: POE-1000G-48
Battery Type: lithium battery
Rated working voltage: 100~240Vac/50-60Hz
Output power(Max.): 17W

Output:USB/DC1DC2DC3POE interface
Output voltage (Independent):5Vdc9Vdc12Vdc24Vdc / 48Vdc 
Output polarity: -/+-/++4,5pins-7,8pins
Output power & current (in common)2A1.8A1.4A24V-0.7A/48V-0.35A

QTY. & capacity of battery: 8800mah /32560mwh
Unit dimension(mm): 160*105*28
Net Weight(kg): 0.38

- Built-in lithium battery
- Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability
- Manual power off switch
- Overload & short-circuit protection
- Over-charge and over-discharge protection
- User friendly multi-LED status indicators
- 5V and 9V and 12V DC output
- USB output to support your smart devices
- Application router, WiFi access point, ONT
- Gigabit POE ethernet port provides up to 48V
- Application: Routers, Fibre ONT & WiFi Access Points

  • Wireless access point
  • ONT
  • Router
  • 8800mah/32560mwh
  • 5V, 9V, 12V independent DC output
  • POE PORT 24v/48v selectable
  • Gigabit POE Ethernet Port
  • Portable

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